About Link

Registered Charity No. 1067820 

About Chippenham Link

What is LINK?

LINK is a team of local volunteer drivers and coordinators who help the community by transporting people in need. They support and complement the local Community Health and Social Services. LINK is organised by a committee of local people who oversee the general running of the scheme.

What are the aims?

To help people with any transport problem in a personal and friendly way.

Who can use the service?

Anyone living in our area who requires transport, regardless of age (must be 12 or over, see Seat Belt Legislation) or circumstances. Maybe  transport for a local Doctor or hospital appointments, or visit sick family members, depending on driver availability.

What areas do we cover.

Chippenham, Chippenham Without, Langley Burrell, Sutton Benger, Tytherton

YES, we need Volunteers!

Volunteers Flyer

We are always happy to hear from local people who are willing to spend some time to become a LINK volunteer driver, coordinator or committee member. Being a LINK volunteer can give you a new interest and make good use of your skills and experience. At the same time, you will make a valuable and much appreciated contribution to the local Community. If you are interested please ring 01249 461881

Financial Arrangements.

LINK schemes are charities and receive discretionary grants only from Wiltshire Council. Funds are also raised from local events. LINK volunteers receive a mileage allowance and out of pocket expenses. We are always grateful for donations from those who are able to help.

How does the service work?

Contact Card

To get help, call 01249 461881. The LINK coordinator is happy to receive enquiries from people personally, or on their behalf through their Doctors, Nurses, Social Services, friends or relatives.

6 thoughts on “About Link

  1. I used to be a volunteer driver for Mendip Community transport, back in Somerset.
    How does your pay system work ? As I’m very interested in being a volunteer driver again

    Sean white

    1. Sean,
      Thanks for your interest and pleased you have the volunteer bug again. If you live in the Chippenham area and are interested in joining our Team, please ring 01249 461881.

      Drivers are paid a Treasury approved allowance based on return miles driven for the trip in question with claims submitted to our Treasurer normally on a monthly basis. A reasonable refreshment rate is paid for longer duration waits for clients if submitted with a receipt.

  2. A friend (80) of mine needs transport to the hospital in Devizes on Christmas Eve for her second cataract operation. She has no other means of getting there, therefore might she be able to access your services, please?

    1. Rebecca,
      Your best line of action is to ring our contact number, 01249 461881, speak to one of our coordinators and your request will be placed in our diary. Although the 24th is within our shut down period this year, one of our volunteer drivers may be willing to take on the job.

      Its normal practice to phone customers one or two days before to confirm the appointment details.

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